Pinterest Moments, Not A Pinterest Life


A few weeks prior to Christmas I was able to go to a cookie exchange! My husband bravely told me that he would handle dinner and bathing for our two kids under two. His one request was that I return early enough to nurse our daughter before she went down for the night.

It was exciting and oddly freeing to leave the house childless at night. Even prior to kids, I was a homebody at night. And really since having kids that do not yet get the concept of sleeping in, I have purposely avoided being out at night. Rarely is there a worthy enough event to lose sleep over.  But for whatever reason a cookie exchange at a church I had visited only once at that point was something I almost longed to go to.

The night was fun! I met new ladies that clearly also had a love for the Lord. Holiday traditions were discussed, which of course had me thinking of adding some of the ones mentioned to our family’s traditions. Cookies were eaten and exchanged. An amusing gift exchange occurred. I even received a door prize for being the very first person to RSVP to the event! It was a lighthearted evening!

Perhaps the best part of the night for me though was a comment that the hostess made right before the party went into full swing.

With a smile and a kind tone, she encouraged us all to remember that striving to have a perfect holiday was not of most importance.

Such a small comment, but it made my brain pause because I really do have a certain vision for what I want the holiday season  to look like and be for my family.

You know the one…

Christmas tree perfectly decorated. Presents wrapped as if by a professional gift wrapper. Advent traditions with cooperative kids. Excellent, homemade food with dinner table perfection.  Magical weather for the desired white Christmas. Awe induced silence while the Christmas story is read out loud. Everyone is happy, healthy, and has an attitude of giving.

The Pinterest holiday.

While a nice thought, it is not a realistic thought.  And really having the picture perfect holiday only sounds fun until I think about all the fun things that would be missed out on.

So why write this now? After all we are halfway through January with months before the next big holiday.

Well, I realized something.

I tend to aim for and want the Pinterest life. Not just the Pinterest holiday.

Kids that stay clean unless I am wanting a photo op. A marriage relationship that never has any disagreements.  A house that stays picked up.  Meal plans that always work the way I intend. And on and on the picture perfect Pinterest life list goes.

I need to remember that striving to have a perfect life is not of most importance.

Obviously there is nothing wrong with using Pinterest. I personally get a lot of recipes, toddler activities, gift ideas, etc from Pinterest. But aiming to have a life that looks like Pinterest’s wall is not realistic and ultimately will cause me to miss out on the life I am intended to live.

Better a well-lived life with some Pinterest moments then a Pinterest life with no well-lived moments.

Do you desire a picture perfect life? Has having a Pinterest life been a secret goal of yours? How have you succeeded in overcoming this focus? I would love to hear from you in the comments below!


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