Chocolate Chunk Coconut White Cake

Chocolate Chunk Coconut White CakeI love dessert! More than I should really.


If I could get away with it and not be completely unhealthy there would be days where my meals would be dessert. Not because I don’t like healthy things, but because I just truly enjoy eating unhealthy things.

Because of this love for dessert, often times I am wondering what we can have for dessert before I am even sorta done with making dinner. The night that I made these cupcakes was one of those nights.


Here is how I tweaked a box cake to get these yummies!




White cake box (replace water with milk and use 5 whole eggs rather than just egg whites)

Chunks and/or shavings of dark chocolate

Shredded Coconut




Mix all of the ingredients together. If you would like to have some pretty toppings like I did you can hold some chocolate and coconut aside to sprinkle on top. Place the batter in either a greased cake tin or cupcake tins that have been lined with cupcake papers. Bake as directed on box and remove from oven when toothpick comes out clean of raw batter.


Eat warm or cool!


My husband agrees that this an awesome cake that can double as both dessert and breakfast. After all there are eggs in cake right? Eggs are breakfast!


Fast! Easy! Delicious! I hope you give this a try!

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