The ABCs Photography Game

Everything is the ABCs right now.  If it looks even slightly like a letter from the alphabet our son will inform us. Sometimes I have to really look to figure out just what that boy of ours is thinking he sees. I have to catch myself from correcting or telling him no sometimes because…well…that noodle on his plate really does look like the letter ‘S’.

Because life right now for me is practically all about caring for and looking after littles, even the adult related things that I think about and do tend to relate back somehow to my mommying.

This game is no different.

I invented this game because I was trying to come up with a fun outing to gift to my husband as an anniversary gift.

One of my man’s favorite hobbies is to take his camera out and simply be inspired by the area around him.  He loves to fiddle with the settings and chat about the lighting. I actually think getting to go out with a few people with camera in hand may be one of his most relaxed and fun ways to spend time. Since being parents this hasn’t been something he has be able to do much.

Enter my desire to come up with a way to incorporate his love of photography as part of his gift.

Because this was a gift and my man loves fun surprises I didn’t tell him anything about the game other then he would need to bring his camera. The surprise isn’t necessary. It was just a fun extra.

To prep I printed about 20 location ideas from around where we lived. I placed those on strips of paper in a container. [These locations varied from places like the library to a visitor center to a garden nursery. The point was just random places to take photos.] I also printed the alphabet onto a sheet of paper to have on hand.  And of course made sure I had a pen with me.

Once we were ready to start the game I had him draw six different locations out of the container. Then he organized them in the order we would go to them.  If you weren’t pressed for time and you were ok with expending a bit of extra gas this game could easily be played with drawing one location at a time. We just had a babysitter for a specific timeframe and were running low on gas so we did this tiny bit of pre-planning.

Then I gave him the following rules.

  • At each location he needed to take a picture for four letters of the alphabet.
  • It could be a picture of an object that started with the letter in question or an actual photo of the specific letter.
  • He had five minutes maximum to find each letter before he had to snap a photo and move on.
  • The letter that had been photographed had to be declared so that it could be crossed off the ABC listing on the sheet of paper I kept with me.
  • No doubling of letters. Once a letter had been declared as used it could not be reused.
  • Because there are 26 letters in the alphabet and we only did six locations, he also had two extra letters that he was allowed to use at any location of his choosing so that he could actually complete the alphabet.
  • And of course there was the promise of a prize if he successfully completed the full alphabet.

He took pictures of letters on newpapers and signs to get his Z and X. Train wheels worked for his W. And I think he took a picture of some blackberry thorns to cover his T. He got inventive!

It was a little adventure that had a fun purpose! And while he did use his fancy camera, this game could easily be played with a cell phone camera. The goal is just to have fun!

Give it a try! Let me know what kinds of things you took pictures of to complete your ABCs!

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