A Unique Way to Give Gifts to Your Spouse


There is no time that a tight budget is more apparent then when my husband and I want to get gifts for each other. We are in this financial situation together. So we tend to opt to give to kids, parents, siblings, and nieces and nephews over each other. Despite wanting to lavish each other with gifts, we spend less on each other then we do anyone else.

Because of this fact we have had to get creative. When there is no money to work with and yet I desire to give a gift to the most important person in my life, what do I do?

I have taken to giving outings and/or dates.

You see my husband loves going and doing! He doesn’t like to plan though. A plan makes the outings more fun, but the actual idea and planning just isn’t his thing. In fact despite loving going and doing he will stay home nine times out of ten if he must plan the going and doing first. It is even harder for him to plan outings that will require no money.

So I gift him ideas and plans! He loves it!

Perhaps you are looking for ideas of what to get your spouse as a gift. Maybe you would like additional date ideas that won’t be the same old same old of getting coffee or going to the movies. Possibly you are like me and my man and one of you loves planning while the other enjoys just going. Whatever the case may be, here are some outings/dates that I have gifted my man that were a hit!

A Year of Dates

For our first anniversary I took an old calendar and made an envelope out of each month’s picture. Each envelope was labeled with the month and then stuffed with a cheap or free date idea. Each date was made with the weather in mind. Some were stay home dates where we themed the night from food to movies. Some were out of the house dates like an art day at a local park. Others got us in touch with our child within like building a fort to camp in our livingroom.

Scavenger Hunt

On one of his birthdays I prepared a scavenger hunt that took us nearly the whole day to complete. Each clue led us to a different location and at each location we had a task we needed to complete before moving on. He still talks about how one of the clues that day led us to the local liquor store where we had the task of walking around reading labels off of bottles to come up with character names for novels.

A Day of Free

Another birthday I found out everything free in the area for someone who had a birthday and we went and did a day of free for him. Coffee, pastry, movie, etc. That particular birthday was so awesome for him that I blogged in detail about it here.

Find Me with Clues

There was a day when we were fairly newly married and because we were on a diet together we had of course both been craving pizza. So while he was away at work I made a special diet friendly pizza and hid clues all over the house for him to find. That night when he got home he was met at the door by a white board that specified a menu and a movie, but first sent him from room to room in the house searching out clues to find me.  He still mentions this despite it having been nearly five years ago now.

Something He Loves

This year for our anniversary I once again gave him an outing with one of his hobbies in mind. He loves to take photos and so I gifted him a photography game that is wrapped up into an outing. It is going to be a blast because it is just the right amount of spontaneity for him and planning for me.

My man has come to enjoy these types of gifts a lot. There have even been times where I outright ask him if he would rather a wrapped thing as a gift or a planned outing and he actually requests the outing over the thing.

Do you have fun, inventive ideas for outings/dates? Have you maybe tried one of the ideas above? I would love to hear from you! Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Rach says:

    I love this post so much! I get stuck in a rut with date ideas and this is such a good push in a creative direction! Would you ever consider writing a post with specific ideas for dates?

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