About Life In Tidbits

Hello you fellow lovers of life!

Welcome! Kick off your shoes! Sit back! Relax and get comfy! I hope you join in often and keep me company as we discover life’s wonderful tidbits together!

Life in Tidbits…

I have found that what makes living interesting is the variety that is… life.

Marriage, kids, eating, and creating! Each its own little tidbit. All mixed together into what we call life!

Some tidbits about me…

I’m Rae, an ordinary wife and mom by day and super woman by night (in my dreams). I love spending time with my husband and two kids, turning the ordinary into the extraordinary, and simplifying life where possible. When the ever elusive free-time surfaces I like to rifle through my boxes of random craft items and let my imagination soar.

I have been married to my husband Aaron since the end of 2012 and we have been tackling life together ever since. At the beginning of 2016 we started adding to our little family now we proudly hold the titles of mom and dad to two wonderful kids!


Living life with the three most important people in the world to me is one of my biggest blessings! I love our little family more than I can say!


Tidbit by tidbit…Let’s do life together!